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Monday, February 27, 2017

From Ian:

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign of Jew hatred
Scratch the surface of any chapter of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and you’re likely to come across an anti-Semite. This kind of statement is hardly new on the blog pages of the Times of Israel but never has it been given such a basis in fact as it has today by David Collier.
The London-based blogger has painstakingly trawled through the shadowy corners of Facebook to gather a powerful data set exposing a broad swathe of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s street activists as anti-Semites and/or barking mad conspiracy theorists. His report, "Antisemitism in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign" (pdf)
serves to highlight in excruciating detail just how extensive the anti-Semitism in the Palestine Solidarity movement is, one social media post at a time.
The research is 75 pages long and features post after post of -anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing straight from the accounts of some of the PSC’s most ardent activists. These posts show many PSC activists live in a delusional world where Zionists are responsible for just about everything.
In one example, a PSC activist posts a fake news story alleging that the head of ISIS was actually trained in Israel. One of their Facebook friends attacked the story as a slur on…(ISIS) “Mujahideen”!
What Happens to PSC Now?
Recently the PSC made a submission to the now infamous Chakrabarti Inquiry into antisemitism. In light of Collier’s research the document reads like a sick joke. That an organisation whose most active members are motivated by the belief that they’re engaged in a fight against a Zionist conspiracy to take over the world would seek to define antisemitism is an affront to Jews everywhere. According to the PSC;
“As an organisation we actively challenge racism, and do not tolerate antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of racism within our membership.”
This is a fiction Collier has laid to rest. From now on it’s unlikely they’re going to be able to utter words like;
“It is vital that political parties avoid confusing or conflating support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism.”
This is advice the bosses at PSC should be taking on board themselves. Their quest for rights for Palestinians attracts way too many antisemites and the PSC as a body takes far too little responsibility when it comes to changing that proven fact. By refusing to act on the research PSC as a body is now complicit in the antisemitism of its own members. The next time they seek to contribute to any kind of Parliamentary finding one expects that they will be booted out of the room.
Rabbi Sacks on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel is dangerously wrong because beneath the surface it's an attempt to delegtimize Israel as a prelude to its elimination. No Jew and no humanitarian can stand by and see that happen. Let me explain why.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler: The Lies They Tell - Tuvia Tenenbom's latest book
Tuvia has often been attacked by left-wing critics who are not comfortable with his devastating exposure of “Fakestinian” victimhood and all those who are part of this vast, left-wing and Islamist conspiracy of dunces. His critique of left-wing Jews (often the first to criticize Israel but no one else), has won him no points among them and, in arguing Israel’s case, even in a low-key and humorous way, Tuvia has been treated as a “right wing-conservative.”
This is ironic. Much of what he writes can easily have been written by a left-wing journalist. For example:
"The America I find is not the America I wished to find. It is racist, it is hateful and its citizens are bound to destroy themselves. Be they black and some Spanish who have nothing better to do with their time than shoot each other in the head; be they Jews who are possessed by a terrifyingly psychotic illness of self-hate; be they Indians who have given up any semblance of spirituality in exchange for acres and casinos; or be they all the others: whites, the rest of the Spanish, Muslims, Mormons and others who live in fear of one another."
Or this:
"These American patriots, by a strange psychological coincidence, convince themselves that they are the only true guardians of culture and morality and therefore it is their duty to invade and bombard foreign countries that do not abide by their sense of morality and ethics...(Americans) have huge bombs and sometimes they like to drop them. America is also one of the strongest economies in the world, and at times the strongest of them all, but can humanity rely on this country? I wouldn't."
Left-wing, right-wing, wingless—I still hope this new book is also a bestseller.
Josephus vs Muslim Liars
In a previous blog post, I quoted Tacticus, the ancient Roman historian who said that the Temple of the Jews was in Jerusalem.
My intention was to refute Muslim propagandists who falsely claim that there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
Now I present four quotes from Josephus, another ancient Roman historian who mentioned at least four times that the Temple of the Jews was in Jerusalem:
“At this point Crassus arrived to take over the governorship of Syria.
For the campaign against the Parthians he removed all the gold from the Sanctuary in Jerusalem…”

SOURCE: The Jewish War (chapter 1, page 51) by Flavius Josephus, translated by G.A. Williamson, 1984, published by Penguin Classics, ISBN: 0140444203 & 978-0140444209
“Gaius Caesar’s accession to power so completely turned his head that he wished to be thought of and addressed as a god, stripped his country of its noblest men, and proceeded to lay sacrilegious hands on Judea. He ordered Petronius to march with an army to Jerusalem and erect his statues in the Temple: if the Jews refused them, he was to execute the objectors and enslave all the rest of the population.”
SOURCE: The Jewish War (chapter 7, pages 139 to 140) by Flavius Josephus, translated by G.A. Williamson, 1984, published by Penguin Classics, ISBN: 0140444203 & 978-0140444209
Why Do We Let Antisemites Define Antisemitism?
One problem is the timidity of Jewish students. Other minorities do not hesitate to organize protests. Yet Jews, for some reason, have never had the fortitude, the interest, or the training to mobilize large numbers of their peers to demonstrate for their rights. Imagine if hundreds of Jews, at campuses like UCLA or NYU, marched and organized themselves. This would force officials to take the antisemitic behavior of groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) seriously.
Jewish students should demand that Israel hate weeks be banned, and that SJP and other groups espousing antisemitic views (typically with student and taxpayer funding) should be banned from campus.
So far, Fordham University is the only campus that has had the courage to do so, despite the howls of protest from defenders of antisemitic speech.
In a statement that should be a model for other universities, Fordham Dean of Students Keith Eldredge explained, “While students are encouraged to promote diverse political points of view, and we encourage conversation and debate on all topics, I cannot support an organization whose sole purpose is advocating political goals of a specific group, and against a specific country –(Israel).”
He added, “The call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel presents a barrier to open dialogue and mutual learning and understanding.”
First Amendment advocates may object to banning hate speech. Let them. It didn’t stop Oklahoma from expelling students for singing a racist song. If, however, antisemitism is protected speech, then no university should be allowed to prevent other forms of offensive speech by anyone on campus. The Constitution will not win that confrontation.
For too long, universities have been the one place in America where antisemitism is tolerated. It is time that university officials respect Jews’ right to “define our own oppression.”
Dozens of gravestones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
Dozens of headstones were found toppled at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia on Sunday.
Police said that the incident at the city’s Mount Carmel Cemetery was an act of vandalism and have opened an investigation, according to a local ABC affiliate.
Police did not say whether they were treating the case as a possible hate crime.
Israel’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon condemned the incident, writing on Twitter that the “Philadelphia Jewish cemetery desecration is shocking and a source of worry. Full confidence US authorities catch and punish culprits.”
New Jersey resident Aaron Mallin, who made the discovery when visiting his father’s grave, told the local TV station he hoped it was not an anti-Semitic attack.
“I’m hoping it was maybe just some drunk kids. But the fact that there’s so many it leads one to think it could have been targeted,” Mallin said.
JCCs in several states targeted in fresh wave of bomb threats
Jewish community centers in the eastern and midwestern US were targeted with bomb threats Monday, the latest in a series of incidents that has raised fears of anti-Semitism in the country.
Threats were called in to JCCs in Asheville, North Carolina; Birmingham, Alabama; York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Tarrytown and Staten Island, New York; Indianapolis, Indiana; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and Wilmington, Delaware.
Jewish day schools in Rockville, Maryland, and Fairfax, Virginia, both outside Washington, DC; and Davie, Florida, outside Miami, were also evacuated.
Those inside the buildings were evacuated and law enforcement was called in to investigate the threats. All clears were given in a number of cases.
‘Pandemic’ of anti-Semitism taking shape worldwide, even threatens US, warns top Jewish leader
Anti-Semitism is taking on potentially “pandemic” dimensions globally, even in the US, and if left unchecked could grow into an immensely serious threat, one of American Jewry’s most senior leaders said this week, calling on world leaders to convene a global summit to forcefully denounce the phenomenon.
“I think we’re seeing a pandemic in formation,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, who heads the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “I don’t think it’s here. I think America’s situation is different from Europe. But the potential is there.”
In a far-reaching interview, Hoenlein, who is currently in Israel, also spoke about widespread concerns over the Israeli government’s total alignment with US President Donald Trump, which some fear could turn Israel into a partisan issue in the United States. He called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to invite to Israel the newly elected head of the Democratic party, Tom Perez, in a bid to cement bipartisan support for the Jewish state.
“We saw anti-Semitism in Britain, we saw it in France, and now we see it’s spreading everywhere,” Hoenlein told The Times of Israel in its Jerusalem office on Sunday. “Look at the numbers of incidents in Germany, Scandinavia and other parts of the world. And now we see in America swastikas being painted, other expressions [such as phoned-in] threats or aggression against kids on campuses. So it spreads. It’s not isolated to one geographic locale. It’s like a virus that spreads. And you have to declare it for what it is.”
The interview with Hoenlein was conducted mere hours before news emerged of an apparently anti-Semitic act of vandalism that took place in his hometown of Philadelphia. Several tombstones in the city’s Jewish Mount Carmel Cemetery had been toppled in what the Israeli government called a “shocking” and worrying act.
Anti-Semitism in Canada skyrockets
On Thursday, February 23, 2017 the words “Gas the Jews” and a Nazi swastika were spray-painted on the ground in Hamilton’s Escarpment Rail Trail.
This incident is just the latest in a string of anti-Jewish hate crimes and vandalism that occurred in Canada in the last few years.
On Tuesday, posters questioning the number of Jewish Holocaust victims were found taped to windows and doors at the University of Calgary. The posters read, in part, “did ‘6 million’ really die?”
During a sermon at a London, Ontario mosque in 2011 an imam chastised his congregation for hiring Jewish lawyers. “Islamic institutions organizations are suing one another. All appointing lawyers. Who are these lawyers? Jews. And who is the judge? A Jew as well. Who is paying for these lawyers? You and I”, complained Riad Ouarzazi.
During al-Quds Day rally in 2013 in Toronto, Elias Hazineh, former President of the Palestine House in Canada, called for the killing of the Israeli Jews if they do not leave Palestine immediately.
An imam at Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal was exposed praying in 2014 to Allah to “destroy the accursed Jews” and to “make their children orphans and their women widows”.
Amid US, France anti-Semitic attacks, Herzog says Israel must prepare for ‘waves’ of immigrants
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Monday called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to establish an “emergency national program” to prepare for a “waves” of Jewish immigration, amid a series of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and France.
“I wish to express my shock and vociferous condemnation of the outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States, France and other places around the world,” Herzog told his weekly Zionist Union faction meeting.
“I call on the government to urgently prepare and establish and emergency national program for the possibility that we will see waves of our Jewish brothers immigrating to Israel,” Herzog said.
The opposition leader spoke a day after dozens of headstones were found toppled at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, a week after a similar incident last week in which over 150 graves were damaged at a Jewish graveyard near St. Louis, and shortly before the latest in a series of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers across the US.
“I am sure that the US government will do all it can to put an end to this phenomenon with all its might,” he added.
Anti-Semitism rises in France
The reason for the grave encounter between a group of young Muslims and two Jewish brothers donning kippot in Bondy, a suburb of Paris with a large Muslim population, is still unclear. The French police are conducting an investigation, though the brothers' father has no doubt that it was an anti-Semitic attack. The incident in Bondy has raised once again the issue of anti-Semitism in France, a major component of the republic's ills that has risen to the surface ahead of the presidential elections in May.
During an annual meal hosted by CRIF, the umbrella organization representing French Jewry, it was reported that there had been a decrease in anti-Semitic incidents in France in 2016. However, the numerical drop is not reflected in the feelings of French Jews, who sense threats from all possible directions: The extreme Right and National Front activists, who represent the classic anti-Semitism that has always existed in France; the left-wing and Green Party radicals who blindly and unilaterally support the Palestinian narrative; and the Muslim activists in France who take advantage of the conflict in the Middle East to work out their frustrations and to advance themselves and their community.
Bondy Mayor Sylvine Thomassin (of the Socialist Party), who is trying to find her way into the hearts of local Muslim residents, declared in July that she supports labeling Israeli products from the settlements. In doing so, perhaps she managed to please her Muslim constituents, but she also harmed the Jewish residents who still live there. Thomassin's interference only contributed to importing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to her district, despite the fact that this goes against Elysee policy, which seeks stability and calm in the suburbs. This is an issue that France must take seriously: You cannot, on the one hand, carry out pro-Palestinian policy, and on the other hand, be surprised by the polarization between the Muslim and Jewish populations in France.
Baroness who quit Lib Dems over anti-Semitic row says Britain's top group fighting hate speech against Jews should lose its charitable status
A former Lib Dem peer suspended after a row over alleged anti-Semitic comments has been slammed by MPs for saying Britain's leading group fighting hate speech against Jews should be stripped of its charitable status.
Baroness Jenny Tonge was suspended and then quit her party after hosting an event where an audience member said Jews were responsible for the Holocaust.
Now she has signed a petition calling the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) - a group praised by Prime Minister Theresa May and numerous community leaders - a 'Zionist propaganda organisation'.
The charity, which works closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to punish anti-Jewish bigots, was attacked in a petition created by blogger Tony Greenstein.
Mr Greenstein has previously stated online that 'Zionists collaborated with the Nazis' and helped 'round up' Jews to send to Auschwitz.
Britain’s oldest MP, Jewish and vociferously anti-Israel, dies aged 86
Britain’s oldest serving MP and a veteran lawmaker for the opposition Labour party, Gerald Kaufman, died on Sunday at the age of 86, his family announced.
Kaufman died after several months suffering from an undisclosed illness.
The British-born child of Polish Jewish immigrants, Kaufman was one of the few prominent Jewish politicians in Britain. He was also a well-known and strident critic of Israel, calling for sanctions against the Jewish state over its policies toward the Palestinians and comparing IDF soldiers to Nazis.
Former party leader Ed Miliband, who is also Jewish, said Kaufman was “an outstanding servant of the Labour movement” whose “principles, values and friendship will be sorely missed,” the Daily Mail newspaper reported. (h/t Cliff)
IsraellyCool: Richard Silverstein Screws Up Again In Latest Attempt To Demonize Israel
Clearly, the IAF was promoting diverse familes by including a gay couple, single mother and Ethiopian couple. And why not? This is the reality of life in Israel.
Naturally, this is an inconvenient truth for Israel haters like douchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein, who predictably posted his objection to what he called the “pinkwashing.”
What Dicky won’t tell you is that gay people live freely in Israel, and do not end up like gay people in Gaza. Or even Iran, home of his beloved Press TV. And by “end up” I mean really, really dead.
Dicky then turns his attention to the Ethiopian family, to criticize Israel’s treatment of Ethiopians by bringing up the case of Toveet Radcliffe.
Convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh co-organized March 8 #DayWithoutAWoman
On February 12, 2017, we reported on the next phase of the so-called Women’s March, Women’s March calls for General Strike and Day Without A Women.
In that post, we called attention to the fact that Rasmea Odeh was one of the organizers, along with other radicals like Angela Davis, via Algemeiner:
A convicted Palestinian terrorist was among the eight feminist activists who called earlier this week on American women to join a March 8 international strike — which organizers are calling a protest “against male violence and in defense of reproductive rights.” ….
In a Guardian op-ed published on Monday — attention to which was brought on social media by investigative journalist and author Gary Weiss — Odeh, joined by Linda Martín Alcoff, Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Nancy Fraser, Barbara Ransby, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Angela Davis, wrote that the goal of the planned protest is to “mobilize women, including trans women, and all who support them in an international day of struggle — a day of striking, marching, blocking roads, bridges, and squares, abstaining from domestic, care and sex work, boycotting, calling out misogynistic politicians and companies, striking in educational institutions…Let us use the occasion of this international day of action to be done with lean-in feminism and to build in its place a feminism for the 99%, a grassroots, anti-capitalist feminism — a feminism in solidarity with working women, their families and their allies throughout the world.”
As reported by The Algemeiner on Monday, Odeh will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) 2017 National Member Meeting — set to be held in Chicago from March 31 to April 2.

IsraellyCool: Delicious! Israel Hater Rania Khalek Gets a Taste Of Her Own Medicine
Israel haters and Electronic Intifadumbasses Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek have been targeted by their own for a while now, because of their stance on the slaughter in Syria, which many see as apathy at best and pro-Assad at worst. Khalek, in particular, has been widely condemned, for accepting an invitation to speak at an Assad-affiliated conference.
And the stench of that decision just won’t go away for Khalek, with UNC Students for Justice in Palestine just cancelling a talk featuring her after some pressure was brought to bear.
PreOccupiedTerritory: Amnesty: Meals In Israeli Jails Contain Gluten (satire)
A leading organization advocating for political rights and against mistreatment of political detainees has criticized Israel for what it calls a glaring lack of respect for the humanity of Palestinian prisoners, as demonstrated by the presence of gluten in prison food.
Amnesty International released a harsh critique of the practice in Israeli civilian and military detention facilities, focusing on the nutritional and dietary aspects of the treatment in this week’s edition of exclusive focus on Israel. After spending the previous week noting the health hazards of sodium to Palestinian prisoners predisposed to heart disease, and the week before that denouncing the Prison Service and IDF for failing to offer multiple varieties of toothpaste, the organization published its report on what it termed the “appalling disregard for the long-term health of Palestinian prisoners” as evident in the carelessness with which gluten is included in prison cuisine.
“Every single person born before the twentieth century who ate gluten has died,” the report observed. “Yet Israel continues to serve food to Palestinian prisoners that contains this chemical. Our data indicate that this behavior has remained constant throughout the existence of the brutal Israeli incarceration system, even as evidence emerged of the dangers of gluten.”
Guardian refuses to correct false claim that journo drove through Mt. of Olives “tunnel”
Earlier in the month we examined a Feb. 13th Guardian article written by Sarah Helm, “It’s too late to stop the senseless capture of Palestinian land”, a propagandistic tour de force which amplified the prophetic anti-Zionist musings of a Palestinian “cartographer“ named Khalil Tufakji.
There were multiple errors and misleading claims in Helm’s report, but one we particularly focused on is found in the following passage:
I’ve been listening to Tufakji since the mid-1990s and everything he foresaw has so far come true. He pointed out where a tunnel would be drilled through the Mount of Olives to connect settlements – it seemed impossible but we are now driving through it.
As we noted at the time, whilst it’s unclear where precisely Helm was driving, she certainly wasn’t driving through the historic 3,000 year old Jewish cemetery adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City – for the simple reason that there is no such tunnel at that location! We considered that Helm may have conflated the fake Mount of Olives tunnel with the real Mount Scopus tunnel (Derech Har HaTsofim Tunnel) quite a few kilometers away.
BBC News ignores the story of the new Fatah vice-chair
Although the appointment of Mahmoud al-Aloul does not qualify him as Abbas’ successor, it does introduce a new name to the list of possibilities.
“Grant Rumley, a fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told the [Jerusalem] Post that while Aloul’s election may not be a game changer in terms of succession, it does introduce a new contender.
“By virtue of his new position as No. 2 in Fatah, Aloul cannot be ignored or discounted in the race to replace Abbas,” Rumley said.
After Aloul completes his one-year term as vice chairman, the central committee will either extend Aloul’s term or vote for a new vice chairman.”

However, with the BBC Jerusalem bureau’s chronic under-reporting of Palestinian affairs continuing, audiences remain in the dark with regard to these developments and their possible implications. The fact that Fatah dominates the PLO and the foreign donor funded Palestinian Authority means that its internal politics clearly have significant effect on what the BBC terms “the Middle East peace process”. BBC audiences, however, continue to be deprived of the information which would enhance their understanding of that particular “international issue“.
UK border forces detain anti-Semitic Polish ex-priest
British border authorities on Saturday detained a controversial right-wing Polish former priest at London’s Stansted airport, preventing him from speaking at a rally in central England.
Jacek Miedlar, 28, is known in Poland for sympathizing with the right-wing nationalist group ONR — serving as their unofficial chaplain — and was invited to speak at a far-right rally in Telford.
However, he was unable to attend the event, organized by far-right group Britain First, after being detained by officials, The Guardian reported.
“An individual was detained at Stansted airport at 8.40am this morning by Border Force officers working closely with Essex police,” said the interior ministry.
“Where we believe someone poses a risk, Border Force officers can – and do – refuse them entry.”
Vandals target Orchard Park cars, bridges with Nazi and racist graffiti
About a dozen residents of Orchard Park found their vehicles and property defaced with spray-painted swastikas and vulgar graffiti Saturday morning, and village police said reports had been coming in throughout the day.
The vandals also wrote racial slurs and Nazi symbols on playground equipment at South Davis Elementary School. A GoFundMe account to help clean up the graffiti at the school has been established at:
At least nine vehicles were vandalized in the parking lot of an apartment complex on South Lincoln Avenue, according to Orchard Park Police Lt. Jason Schiedel. Another car was in a private driveway nearby. So far police have reports of 11 vehicles that were hit.
Australia and Israel to establish air services agreement
Australia and Israel have announced plans to establish an air services agreement to facilitate more travel and trade between the two countries.
Prime Ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Benjamin Netanyahu have signed a memorandum of understanding to “establish the first treaty-level air services framework” between Australia and Israel.
“For the first time, airlines of Israel and Australia can begin services between countries either using their own aircraft or via code share arrangements with other airlines,” Chester said in a statement on February 23.
“During 2016, 12,600 Israeli residents visited Australia, while 22,000 Australians visited Israel. We expect these numbers to grow as the new arrangements are put in place.”
The MoU signing was quickly followed with the announcement Qantas and El Al planned to establish a codeshare agreement for flights between Australia and Israel, via Asia or Africa.
Israeli PR firm confirms Coldplay finalizing concert plans, despite band’s denial
While Coldplay continued to formally deny plans for upcoming concerts in Israel and the West Bank, an Israeli PR company sent out photos of band members in Israel with the directors of a music festival production company, and said that is exactly what the UK group is finalizing.
Nidar Oz Communications sent out photos of the mega-band’s singer Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland at the weekend with Israeli music festival producers Roe Schwartz and Ilan Factor, and Eitan Bar Zeev, the CEO of the Big shopping center chain.
Schwartz and Factor run Forum Factor, an events production company that handles major music festivals in Israel.
The PR firm said Martin was in Israel in order to sign contracts and scout locations, though Martin in a tweet Friday had denied this.
“Now it’s official and exciting!” stated the Nidar Oz press release sent Friday, relaying the information about Coldplay’s arrival in Israel and tour of possible sites for the future performances. “Within the framework of signing the contract, there will be a cooperative effort with Israeli and Palestinian artists who will participate at the height of a number of performances that will allow all residents of the area and neighboring countries to watch and enjoy the biggest band in the world.”
Israeli Company’s Traffic-Detection Technology Added to BMWs
The Israeli tech company Mobileye will introduce Global RoadBook, its road management data-generation technology, into newly developed BMW models entering the market in 2018.
The technology will provide real-time info on traffic density, potential road hazards, weather conditions, on-street parking, and other data.
“This agreement to crowdsource real-time data using vehicles equipped with [Mobileye’s] camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology is a critical enabler for autonomous driving through next-generation high-definition (HD) maps aimed at making driving safer and more efficient for consumers,” a joint statement explained.
ADAS is already used by more than 25 automakers in 313 models.
“Camera-based ADAS systems are already making the roads safer,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, chairman and CTO of Mobileye. “Global RoadBook is an initiative to utilize data from these cameras to create the high-definition maps required to make the next generation of autonomous driving a reality, in an inclusive way which will create an industry standard.”
Mobileye technology is already being used by BMW to produce fully autonomous vehicles planned for 2021.
Kids like this fun treatment for lazy eye with no patches
Amblyopia (“lazy eye”), a disorder affecting three to five percent of the general population, usually is treated by patching the stronger eye or blurring its vision with atropine drops, in order to force the brain to use images from the weaker eye.
Yet only 60% achieve normal vision, and 35% of those who improve eventually regress. Moreover, compliance is only around 50% since nobody – and especially children – enjoys using eyepatches or eye drops.
The Israeli company Medisim is working to commercialize a new approach, BinoVision video goggles, based on research showing that the brain can be stimulated to improve visual function. The sophisticated device presents separate and independent views of the same image to each eye.
The high-tech goggles connect to any streaming video source, such as cable modem, laptop, game console or even smartphone, turning any content – movies, cartoons, games, music videos, TV shows – into a fun mode of therapy.
IsraellyCool: Israeli Football Player Tomer Hemed’s Hair-Raising Display Of Jewish Pride
Remember Israeli football/soccer player Almog Cohen’s display of Jewish pride during a goal celebration in December last year?
Well, fellow Israeli player Tomer Hemed, who plays as a striker for English Championship club Brighton & Hove Albion, also wants everyone to know he is a proud Jew and Israeli.
Now that’s what I call a close shave.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
Here is a photo of Israel destroying a house built without a permit in Kafr Qasim, an Israeli Arab town.

Even though the BDSers love to target Caterpillar, there is no Caterpillar equipment here. Only Hyundai and Hitachi.

So how come we never hear of any initiatives to boycott those companies?

Could it be because Hyundai and Hitachi products are sold in the Palestinian Authority areas?

In fact, an anti-Israel organization listed lots of manufacturers of equipment that Israel uses for activities in the territories besides Caterpillar that we never hear about:  Bobcat, CNH Industrial (UK), Doosan, Hidromek (Turkey), Hitachi, Hyundai, JCB (UK), Liebherr (Switzerland), Terex, and Volvo (Sweden).

If the BDSers are so pure in their motives, then why don't we hear about boycotts of these companies? How come we aren't seeing any protests by Swedish anti-Israel activists against Volvo or the Swiss against Liebherr? Why haven't the divestment campus initiatives said a word about these other companies and only concentrate on HP and Caterpillar?

The reason, of course, is that the BDSers don't want the world to think that Israel uses so many manufacturers that are also used by Palestinians and Arab countries and their liberal European friends. Their BDS initiatives would fail miserably if they tried to cast such a wide net because everyone would know that the boycotts would be useless from the start.

But it might be fun to see if any of these so-moral anti-Israel activists drive Hyundais or Volvos.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
From Ian:

Khaled Abu Toameh: Palestinians: Why a "Regional Peace Process" Will Fail
Many Palestinians sometimes refer to Arab leaders and regimes as the "real enemies" of the Palestinians. They would rather have France, Sweden, Norway and Belgium oversee a peace process with Israel than any of the Arab countries.
Hani al-Masri, a prominent Palestinian political analyst, echoed this skepticism. He, in fact, believes the Arabs want to help Israel "liquidate" the Palestinian cause.
The Jordanians are worried that a "regional solution" would promote the idea of replacing the Hashemite kingdom with a Palestinian state. Former Jordanian Minister of Information Saleh al-Qallab denounced the talk of a "regional conference" as a "poisonous gift and conspiracy" against Jordan and the Palestinians.
The Lebanese have for decades dreamed of the day they could rid themselves of the Palestinian refugee camps and their inhabitants, who have long been subjected to apartheid and discriminatory laws.
Israel as a Jewish state is anathema to Palestinian aspirations. Any Arab or Palestinian leader who promotes such compromise is taking his life in his hands. And Palestinian history will record him as a "traitor" who sold out to the Jews and surrendered to American and Israeli pressure.
Abbas and his Ramallah cohorts are already up at night worrying about the talking between Israel and some Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Such "normalization", in the view of the PA, is to be reserved for after Israel submits to its demands.
Any "regional solution" involving Arab countries would be doomed to fail because the Palestinians and their Arab brethren hate each other. Any solution offered by the Arab governments will always be regarded as an "American-Zionist dictate."
Here is what Palestinians really want: to use the Europeans to impose a "solution" on Israel.

Israeli intelligence minister says Trump created a new path to peace
Katz’s plan, which he says has been adopted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is regional and multilayered. And if all goes smoothly, there might be some type of autonomous, demilitarized Palestinian entity at the tail end.
“Netanyahu went to America after many discussions here in which we spoke about the idea for regional peace, based on security and economic considerations in the region,” said Katz in an interview with The Washington Post.
“I told the prime minister that the goal should be to deal less with labels and more with content,” said Katz, who also serves as Israel’s minister of transportation.
This was the one of the messages Netanyahu shared in a news conference with President Trump in the White House earlier this month.
Responding to a journalist’s question asking if the prime minister had come to Washington to tell the president he is backing off from the solution of two states for two people — the Israelis and the Palestinians — Netanyahu said: “Rather than deal with labels, I want to deal with substance. It's something I've hoped to do for years in a world that's absolutely fixated on labels and not on substance.”
“I am against two states. As one White House official pointed [out] – ‘if you ask five people what two states would look like, you'd get eight different answers,’ ” said Katz, a member of Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet.
Katz said this point and others made recently by the new U.S. administration has made clear that Trump will allow Israel to find its own solution, in its own time.
Trump, he said, has opened up the playing field for peace.
Trent Franks: Israel’s ally serving in the White House
As President Obama’s days in office were coming to an end, he and Secretary of State John Kerry broke with over 20 years of bipartisan precedent by refusing to veto a resolution at the UN Security Council designed to undermine Israel’s right to exist. The resolution, orchestrated by the Obama administration, went to such an outrageous extent it would categorize even places like the Western Wall as occupied territory. This overt betrayal by Obama of our closest ally reinforced the position of the ubiquitous antisemites at the UN.
The cowardly refusal of the Obama administration to confirm to the world who our allies are left President Donald Trump in the very uncomfortable position of having to do damage control before he was even sworn in. If anything should serve as unequivocal confirmation to the entire world of America’s commitment to Israel and the Jewish people, it is the president’s choice of Dr. Sebastian Gorka as White House deputy assistant.
I am compelled to respond with disgust to recent attempts in the press and on social media to libel this American patriot. Dr. Gorka truly understands the existential threat Global Jihadism poses to both America and Israel. He has repeatedly stated that groups like al-Qaida and Islamic State (ISIS) share a totalitarian bond with the Fascists and Nazis who threatened the world in the 20th century. To associate him in any way with such ideologies is repugnant and a prime example of “fake news.”
Most disturbing of all is the attempt to portray Dr. Gorka as in any way antisemitic. Having called upon his expertise on counterterrorism repeatedly in Congress and used his analysis to inform our work, I can attest that he is a deep and relentless friend of Israel and the Jewish people.
Sebastian Gorka’s service to the nation, his reputation, and his national security credentials are all unimpeachable and I am delighted that Israel and the Jewish people have such an ally serving our president in the White House.
The author is serving his eighth term in Congress and is the chairman of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus.

An Israeli-Palestinian peace requires pressure - on Palestine
Israel captured the West Bank in a defensive war in 1967 and, when its offer to exchange land for peace was unequivocally rebuffed by the Arab League, began establishing settlements in the area. This was partly for the need for security, given the hostile intentions and actions of its neighbors, and partly to allow some Jews to live in places that had Jewish communities going back hundreds if not thousands of years, until the Jordanians ethnically cleansed them in 1948.
Under the 1993 Oslo accords the Palestinian Authority was formed. 95% of West Bank Palestinians now live under the authority's rule.
In 2000, then authority president Yasser Arafat refused the Camp David offer of a Palestinian state and launched the second intifada, characterized by widespread terrorism inside pre-1967 Israel, most notably suicide bombings, that killed more than 1,000 Israelis and maimed thousands more.
Israel again offered the Palestinian Authority a state on increasingly generous terms in 2001 and 2008, only for the authority to again walk away.
A unilateral total Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, intended to allow the Palestinians there to rule themselves as a peaceful entity alongside Israel, instead resulted in a Hamas takeover, more than 10,000 rockets and mortars, terror tunnels and three wars.
The settlements, as even Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat has admitted, occupy less than 2% of the West Bank. Furthermore, the vast majority of settlers live in blocs that it is generally accepted Israel will retain in any peace deal. Settlements did not prevent the previous Israeli offers of statehood, and they would not prevent a two-state outcome if the Israelis had a genuine peace partner.
Three frauds on Israel: Rudd, Hawke and Evans
AUSTRALIA - Greg Sheridan exposes the frauds — Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans — calling for Australia to formally recognise a Palestinian state.
Read and weep to see how moral vanity corrupts thought:
What a caterwauling coven of craven zeitgeist whisperers they are — Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans — calling for Australia to formally recognise a Palestinian state...
Hawke and Rudd, particularly, are always keen to lavish themselves with praise and moral credentials they simply do not possess. Thus Hawke in his Australian Financial Review piece described himself as a well-known supporter of Israel. What a lame, many-of-my-best-friends-are-black sort of credential this is. Hawke hasn’t been a supporter of Israel in any meaningful sense for 30 years.
His piece was full of weird basic errors of fact. He claims the Netanyahu government has approved thousands of new West Bank settlements. In fact it has approved just one. Apart from that one settlement, the individual homes and apartments it has authorised do not even keep pace with natural increase within the settlement blocs and do not extend their territory, which in total accounts for 3 to 4 per cent of the West Bank area.
Rudd was even more fatuous and hypocritical, claiming Netanyahu had repeatedly torpedoed peace — without giving a syllable’s attention to times the Palestinian leadership has rejected full-blown peace offers along the lines of a state in the West Bank and Gaza and compensating land swaps from Israel. Then there was Gareth Evans, the poor man’s Rudd, claiming the Arabs could provide for Israel’s security. What planet does this man live on? Most Arab states cannot provide for their own security, much less anyone else’s.
Antisemitism on parade
An eclectic crowd of people gathered outside Sydney Town Hall on Thursday evening to protest the visit to Australia of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
As is usual at such events the crowd consisted of an assortment of people – bearded, angry-visaged men, women in hijabs, fair-haired twenty-somethings hawking ‘Socialist Alternative’ merchandise, and a small number of middle-aged matrons of European background.
The speakers included Greens state MP, David Shoebridge, state Labor MP Julia Finn, Randa Abdel-Fattah, among others. In the crowd were Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and state Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane. Shoebridge railed against “the State of Israel and the right-wing cabal of that state,” language that would have gladdened the hearts of antisemitic Jewish conspiracy theorists of all political hues.
The speeches were boring, repetitive and wholly predictable.
“Israel must cease to exist. Israel is a racist occupier. The occupation must end. The Palestinian refugees must return to Israel. Israel must be eliminated. Support BDS.”
Palestinian leaders and their uncritical supporters in the West have been stuck in this same old conceptual rut for 100 years, and their people have suffered the consequences.
BBC News website framing of Israeli PM’s Australia visit
In summary, 45% of the 796 words produced by the BBC concerning the Israeli prime minister’s visit to Australia amplified criticism of that visit. 39% of the total word count was given over to the topic of ‘the conflict’ while 9.5% of the word count provided background information concerning the visit.
A mere 2% of the total word count related to the aim of the official visit, with BBC audiences receiving no information whatsoever about the research and travel agreements signed between the two countries.
Clearly the framing chosen by the BBC for this story was a lot less about providing audiences with an objective and informative account of the first official visit of an Israeli prime minister to Australia than it was about influencing audience perceptions through promotion of a politically motivated narrative.
Analysis: Is Israeli-Saudi peace a realistic proposition?
Like a puzzle composed of only two pieces, two cabinet ministers separately delivered remarks last week, granting the Israeli public an interesting glimpse into the current reality of the balance of power in the Middle East.
First was Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who broadly described the main elements of Iran's intelligence activities in the Middle East during his speech at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. His remarks included an expression of concern for a third, far-off country, which does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. "They are trying to create chaos in every place," Liberman said of the Iranians. "And there main target is Saudi Arabia."
Since when does the defense minister of Israel care about the hardships of Saudi Arabia? The answer was provided the next day by Liberman's fellow cabinet member, Intelligence Minister Israel Katz. "Yes, there is cooperation between Israel and these countries, which cannot be discussed in detail," Katz explained. "This cooperation is going to be significantly upgraded, because the US is going to lead it. The first goal is to block Iran and push it out of the area."
The two ministers are correct: Iran's efforts to act against Israel are currently reaching record heights. The Iranians, encouraged by their success in saving the Assad regime in Syria, have declared a quiet war on Israel. Their approach is two-pronged. In Gaza, they are providing Hamas's military wing with weapons and money. On the northern border, they are working tirelessly to fill Hezbollah's weapons warehouses with precision missiles, which are liable to cause battlefield losses for the IDF and the Air Force. More than a decade after the Second Lebanon War, Hezbollah is being built into a force that rivals that of a national army.
A glimpse into Israel's clandestine diplomacy
Former Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold is going to author a global best seller one day when he feels the time is ripe, or he gets permission to declassify his clandestine meetings with people from enemy camps.
Gold, who also formerly served as Israeli envoy to the UN and is currently president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, shared the tip of the iceberg of what may one day be a book on Sunday night with an overflow audience at an event organized by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) at Yad Ben Zvi in Jerusalem.
Gold, who was invited to speak about Israel’s foreign relations, did his best to dispel what he considers to be false perceptions of Israel’s isolation. Last year, while on his way to the Herzliya conference, he happened to glance at his cell phone and saw on the Internet that on Ynet there was an article whose author contended that Israel was in a terrible state of isolation. According to Gold, there’s a huge gap between misconception and reality on the ground. Israel is far from isolated, and more countries which either severed diplomatic ties with Israel, or never had them, are now interested in forging contacts with the Jewish state. Not all are willing to go as far as establishing diplomatic relations, and not all are willing to make their connections with Israel public – but that does not mean that it’s not happening.
Gold, without disclosing too much detail, spoke of his secret meetings with former Saudi General Anwar Eshki, who is head of the Middle East Center for Strategy and Legal Studies, and who is also close to the Saudi Government.
The U.S. Should Insist That the UN Treat Palestinian Refugees Like All Others
According to recent estimates, there are fewer than 50,000 living Arab refugees from Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, but the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)—an organization dedicated solely to the needs of Palestinians—caters to a population of over five million, composed of any descendants of the original refugees on the male line including even their great-grandchildren. Much good would be done, argue Richard Schifter and Eric Rozenman, by ending UNRWA’s independence:
Over the years, UNRWA has helped prolong the refugee problem it was created to resolve. A self-perpetuating bureaucracy, UNRWA also functions as an employment agency with a reported 30,000 staffers—most Palestinian and some having come from terrorist groups like Hamas. It boasts an annual budget of $1.3 billion, of which American taxpayers provide $400 million.
In the 2014 Gaza war, . . . UNRWA facilities—including schools and clinics—served wittingly or unwittingly as weapons depots and launch pads or as “shields” against retaliation for attacks staged from adjacent properties. During periods of quiet, anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish curricula in UNRWA schools have indoctrinated future generations of rejectionists and terror recruits.
UN agency suspends staffer accused of senior Hamas role
A United Nations agency said on Sunday it was suspending a Gaza staffer accused of being politically active in the terror group Hamas, which rules the coastal strip.
UNRWA, the UN agency in charge of Palestinian refugees, said the decision had already been taken ahead of an Israeli call earlier Sunday to fire Suhail al-Hindi, head of the agency’s staff union.
“Before that communication, and in light of our ongoing independent internal investigation, we had been presented with substantial information from a number of sources, which led us to take the decision this afternoon to suspend Suhail al Hindi, pending the outcome of our investigation,” UNRWA spokeswoman Chris Gunness wrote.
COGAT, the Israeli Defense Ministry agency responsible for civilian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza, says that al-Hindi was appointed to the terror group’s leadership in a February 13 internal election.
He was chosen “as a senior Hamas member from Jabalia in northern Gaza,” it said in an English-language statement.
Alan Dershowitz Following Defeat of DNC Chair Hopeful Keith Ellison: I Will Remain in Democratic Party, But Will Fight for It to Move Away From Anti-Israel, Far-Left Trends
World-renowned law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner on Sunday that he will not be leaving the Democratic Party, as he announced he would do in the event of a victory for Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison in Saturday’s Democratic National Committee elections.
Instead, he said — in the wake of former Labor Secretary Tom Perez’s victory over Ellison — he will “remain and fight hard for it to move toward the center and away from the anti-Israel and far-Left trends” that have become dominant of late.
Dershowitz, a long-time and fierce defender of the Jewish state — and member of the Democratic Party — called Ellison’s defeat “a good sign that we can win, though it will not be easy.”
Still, he said, “I wish Perez had not appointed Ellison as his deputy. I consider Ellison to be disqualified, due to his association with Nation of Islam leader the Reverend Louis Farakhan; his denial that Farakhan is an antisemite; and because he opposed providing the Iron Dome missile defense system to Israel.”
Ex-Mossad chief: On thwarting Iran, Netanyahu should be speaking to Putin, not Trump
Israel’s former spymaster Efraim Halevy urged Israel to reach out to Russia in its efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program and other ambitions, since Moscow, unlike Washington, has direct influence over Tehran.
Halevy was setting out his view of the world today, from Vladmir Putin’s Russia to Donald Trump’s America and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel, at Jerusalem’s Beit Shmuel theater on Sunday night, in an event sponsored by The Times of Israel.
“If you’re an Israeli prime minister and you want to rein in Iran, why would you go to Washington?” the London-born Halevy, speaking from over four decades of experience in the Mossad, asked rhetorically. “If you go to Washington and say your biggest problems are: Iran, Iran and Iran,” he said, referring to Netanyahu’s White House talks with US President Donald Trump earlier this month, “what do you say in Moscow?”
Halevy, 82, who stressed he was no longer briefed on the work of the Mossad and didn’t want to be — he said dryly that he carries enough secrets already — also advocated attempting to speak directly with Iran and with most of Israel’s other foes.
“It is essential to talk to your enemy. You must do it, but we haven’t been,” he said. “We have to talk to Hamas. We must talk to [Hamas leader] Khaled Mashaal. Everybody’s talking to him.” (Halevy was brought out of retirement by Netanyahu to head the Mossad in 1998, having salavaged Israel’s ties with Jordan following a botched Mossad assassination attempt on Mashaal’s life in Amman the previous year.)
Critics Fear Trump Mid-East Policy May Cause Renewed Outbreak of Thomas Friedman (satire)
With the Trump Administration’s controversial new Middle Eastern policy of not being Iran’s bitch renewed skepticism toward traditional adversaries and not telling allies where their nation’s capital is, critics fear that if things don’t change quickly, the region may face a renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman.
Noted author, New York Times columnist, and pundit Thomas Friedman, who had something relevant to say as recently as Bill Clinton’s second term, is somewhat of a worst-case scenario, involving baklava anecdotes, talking to the audience on Face the Nation like he’s talking to a somewhat slow four-year old, and the inevitable name-dropping reference to the late King Hussein of Jordan. The Daily Freier spoke off the record with several Inside-the-Beltway experts about their fears.
“The Administration really needs to tone it down.” explained a career diplomat from a Western European nation currently stationed in Washington. “The moment Trump announced that he might move the Embassy, I was like ‘Oh boy. It’s only a matter of time before Thomas Friedman makes some goofy metaphor involving Shimon Peres, the New England Patriots, and his latest Uber Driver.’ I just wish Trump’s team would be more cautious. We’re dealing with serious stuff.”
“Do those guys want Friedman to write another sequel to the Lotus and the Olive Tree???” admonished a retired Army Officer from his Northern Virginia home. “Because this is how we get another sequel to the Lotus and the Olive Tree.”
Abbas at UNHRC: Support two-state solution by recognizing 'Palestine'
The formal recognition of "Palestine" as a state by all nations is the best way to preserve the two-state solution, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday as he addressed the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
“We call on countries that have recognized Israel and believe in the two-state solution to defend and support this solution by recognizing the State of Palestine,” he added.
His message was directed at Western powers, most of whom believe that recognition of a Palestinian state should occur after an agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
“Palestine will remain the greatest test for this Council, and its success in defending human rights in Palestine will determine the sustainability of human rights across the world. We must not fail this test,” Abbas said.
Air force hits Hamas positions in Gaza following rocket attack
Israeli aircraft attacked targets in the Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon in retaliation for a rocket attack early that morning. Palestinian media outlets reported that the aircraft hit Hamas positions in northern Gaza.
The rocket fired from the Gaza Strip early Monday morning hit an open field in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council in southern Israel.
The Color Red alert was not activated, as the Iron Dome defense system identified that the rocket did not pose a threat to residential areas. There were no injuries or property damage from the rocket, the IDF said in a statement.
Last Monday, two rockets fired from Sinai hit southern Israel, exploding in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council.
Wilayat Sinai ("Sinai Province"), Islamic State's proxy in the desert peninsula, claimed responsibility for the attack.
The latest rocket fire followed reports by the Islamic State-affiliated Amaq news agency that four of the jihadi group's operatives were killed on Saturday night in an Israeli drone strike in northern Sinai, near the Egyptian town of Rafah, along the border with Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu Israel will not allow 'drizzle' of rocket fire from enemies
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday reiterated his warning that Israel will not allow any "drizzle" of rocket fire on its territory from enemy entities.
"We respond to all fire at our territory; thus we did today and as such we will do in the future," the premier underscored hours after a projectile launched by terrorists exploded in an open field in southern Israel overnight.
Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman stated that while Israel has no intention of initiating any military action in Gaza, “we have no intention to continue to absorb drizzles (of rockets out of the Strip)."
"We will not get into a ping-pong situation of fire and counter-fire. I suggest Hamas take responsibility, impose order and calm down," Lieberman said in public remarks to legislators of his Yisrael Beytenu party in Jerusalem.
Hamas warns it ‘will not accept Israeli aggression’ in Gaza
Hamas on Monday warned it “will not accept continued aggression” by Israel in the Gaza Strip, hours after Israeli Air Force jets struck several of the terror group’s installations in response to an early-morning rocket attack on Israel’s south.
“Israel bears full responsibility for the escalation in the Gaza Strip and for the aggression against civilians and the resistance forces,” the Islamist terror group that runs the Palestinian enclave said in a statement.
“We will not accept continued aggression against sites belonging to the resistance forces… and we will not allow the establishment of a new status quo,” the statement said.
At least 15 Hamas tunnels extend into Israel, TV report says
The Gaza-based terror group Hamas has at least 15 attack tunnels that reach into Israeli territory, according to a Channel 2 report aired Sunday, quoting unnamed sources in the high-level security cabinet.
Sunday’s report on the new cross-border tunnels came two days ahead of the scheduled publication of a damning state comptroller report on the 2014 Gaza war.
Leaked copies of the report have been highly critical of the army’s failures to prepare adequately for the threat of Hamas tunnels, and chastise the political leadership for improperly managing the war effort.
Israel’s 50-day campaign against Hamas in Gaza, known in Israel as Operative Protective Edge, began as a predominantly aerial campaign in response to repeated rocket attacks from the Strip, similar to the 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense. But after Hamas made use of its tunnel network to carry out attacks inside Israel, the focus shifted to tackling the subterranean threat.
Although some 34 tunnels were destroyed during the campaign, Hamas has reportedly invested considerable resources rehabilitating its network of attack tunnels over the past few years. The IDF has also sought to improve its ability to counter the threat since the 2014 conflict.
Jewish man sentenced to 11 years for stabbing Jew he mistook as Arab
The Haifa District Court on Monday sentenced Shlomo Pinto, 33, to 11 years in prison for attempted murder, for stabbing a fellow Jewish man he mistook for an Arab in a revenge attack.
Pinto, from the northern town of of Kiryat Ata, was convicted in December 2016 for the attempted murder of Uriel Rizkin in October 2015. He was also given an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay NIS 50,000 to Rizkin.
On the morning of October 13, 2015, Pinto left his home at 11 a.m. carrying a kitchen knife, a box-cutter and a hammer, and made his way to Zvulun Street in the center of the town “in order to find an Arab and kill him,” according to the indictment. Pinto entered a Kiryat Ata supermarket and, believing Rizkin, a clerk, was an Arab, approached him from behind and stabbed him four times.
In court on Monday, a panel of judges noted that Pinto “acted out of a sense of revenge and ideological motivation, and a desire to inspire people to act like him, when the only purpose is to hurt the victim of Arab origin and to kill him.”
JCPA: Is Dahlan Planning a Coup Against Abbas?
In recent months Abbas cut back Dahlan’s political power. One of the reasons Abbas has denied any important position in the Fatah leadership to Marwan Barghouti, who is imprisoned in Israel, is that Barghouti is a comrade of Dahlan’s.
Time, however, is working against Abbas because of his advanced age and state of health. Senior officials in Fatah and the Israeli security establishment do not believe he will be able to put a stop to Dahlan’s activities and render him ineffectual.
Dahlan has great popularity and numerous supporters in Gaza and has also succeeded to establish armed strongholds in the refugee camps of the West Bank and Lebanon.
A successful businessman who is also involved in large arms deals, Dahlan’s great wealth enables him to conduct independent political activity and constantly recruit new supporters.
Thus, Dahlan’s political weakness is merely temporary. The moment Abbas is incapacitated by advanced age or for other reasons, the political rules of the game will change, and the game will open up again.
Dahlan is a seasoned politician. He has managed to gain the support of Arab states against the odds, and he has a talent for forging political connections and new alliances. Hence, he has not yet said his last word about the PA succession struggle.
Palestinian PM Ridiculed for ‘Lentils and Onion’ Diet Comments
Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah came under fire this week for remaining defiant in the wake of reports of possible reductions in international aid.
At a press conference with United Nations Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov, Hamdallah unveiled the Palestinian Authority’s new economic plan and said: “To those who think they can pressure us by cutting aid, I say: We will never give it up and if needed we will live on onion and lentils.”
Hamdallah was mocked by Palestinians on social media for echoing similar comments made by his archenemy, former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who told his compatriots to make do with oil and za’atar.
“This government does realize that we’re sick of onion and lentils and sick of oil and za’atar,” Hani Ali tweeted. “It’s really a stupid government.”
In the last few days, dozens of Coptic Christian families fled El Arish in north Sinai amid an ongoing campaign of murder and threats waged against them by the Islamic State (ISIS). According to reports, at least seven Coptic civilians were killed by ISIS operatives in the city in recent weeks, prompting Coptic families to flee to mainland Egypt. Some Egyptian sources claim that 85 of the 103 Coptic families in the city have fled; other sources place the figure at 45. Some of these families have taken refuge in the Anglican church in Ismailia, while others have fled to Suez, Minya or Sohag. The Al-Sharq Al-Awsat daily noted that this is the first mass-exodus of Christian families from their homes for reasons of terror.
It should be mentioned that the targeting of Copts is only one manifestation of ISIS's ongoing activity in El Arish and in north Sinai at large aimed at intimidating the local population and preventing the Egyptian authorities from regaining control of the region. This activity includes demonstrations of force in El Arish, raids on the security forces and attacks on security personnel or their homes, the abduction and murder of civilians for cooperating with the authorities, efforts to enforce shari'a law, and the vandalizing of property, among other actions.
One of the Copts who fled the city described the threats faced by his community: "Lately, murders of Christians increased significantly. People are being murdered every day, and I think it will [only] get worse. The terrorists openly declared they would attack the Christians. I can't blame the police, because the security situation in Sinai is very bad and terrorism is on the rise." El Arish Copts said they had received threatening phone calls demanding that they leave their homes, and that ISIS activists had handed out fliers in the city threatening the Christians.
Some on Arab Social Media Decry Egypt Visit of Soccer Star Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi, one of the world’s most celebrated footballers, arrived in Egypt this week as part of a government campaign to resurrect the medical tourism industry, a vital source of revenue that has dwindled since the 2011 Arab Spring revolution and the political instability that followed.
Messi’s visit had been postponed twice, once in December after an Alexandria church bombing and again when his team, Barcelona, lost to Paris Saint Germain in the European championship.
His Egypt visit was specifically aimed at promoting Egypt as a medical tourism destination for hepatitis C patients.
Many social media users welcomed Messi to Egypt with the hashtag #Egypt_welcomes_Messi, but others derided him as “pro-Israel.”
American Pushback against Iran May Already Be Working
In late January, the Islamic Republic tested a ballistic missile. As the nuclear deal makes no mention of such missiles—despite the fact that they are designed to deliver nuclear warheads—and the deal’s accompanying UN resolution loosens previous restrictions on Tehran’s missile program, the ayatollahs could press the claim, however dubious, that the test was legal. But after a firm reaction from the American government, Iran canceled a subsequent planned missile test. Emily Landau sees this as a sign that the new U.S. approach is working:
The Trump administration is not buying Iran’s excuses—and for good reason: Iran’s attempt to explain away any wrongdoing through such legalistic gymnastics rests on very shaky ground. The reality that Iran refuses to acknowledge is that it actually did work on [an illegal] military nuclear program in the past and it never demonstrated that it left those ambitions behind. . . . [Thus] there is no reason to believe that Iran will never equip its nuclear-capable missiles with a nuclear warhead; therefore, these missiles could very well have been (and most likely were) designed with that in mind. . . .
[T]he Trump administration responded to the latest missile test quickly and firmly. It immediately called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the test, and the national security adviser, Michael Flynn (who has since resigned), then issued a statement that “put Iran on notice” while informing the Iranians that the U.S. will no longer be turning a blind eye to their provocations. Sanctions were quickly imposed on 25 Iranian individuals and companies involved in Iran’s ballistic-missile program and with connections to terrorist activities. . . .
Ahmadinejad's letter to Trump says 'US belongs to all nations'
Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a letter Sunday to U.S. President Donald Trump in which he lauded immigration to the United States and said the "U.S. belongs to all nations."
The letter, containing more than 3,500 words, comes as criticism of Trump mounts in Tehran over his travel ban, which affects seven Muslim-majority countries including Iran. It may also serve to bolster Ahmadinejad's image domestically after the nation's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned him not to run in Iran's upcoming presidential election in May.
In the letter, published by Iranian media outlets, Ahmadinejad noted that Trump won the election while he "truthfully described the U.S. political system and electoral structure as corrupt."
Ahmadinejad decried U.S. "dominance" over the United Nations, as well as American meddling in the world that has brought "insecurity, war, division, killing, and displacement of nations."
Iranian President to be Roasted at White House Correspondents’ Dinner (satire)
Iranian leader, Hassan Rouhani, has accepted an invitation to be the guest of honor at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
His spokesmen commented, “The President was deeply honored by the invitation and is already hard at work on his speech, which I can assure you is going to be full of ‘zingers’. He recognizes the religious leanings of his audience so he’ll be limiting the Zionist jibes and will only be telling one holocaust joke. But that will be the one about his father falling out of the watchtower, which everyone agrees is hilarious.”
He continued, “President Rouhani fully appreciated the medium of the ‘roast’. It’s a little remarked fact that after imprisonment without trial and public executions, it’s his third most popular form of dealing with human rights protesters. So, he knows what he’s getting himself into.”
“He’s certainly going to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knowing that the last US president to not attend was Ronald Reagan. And his only excuse was he was recovering from being shot. What a ‘snowflake’, as I believe Tomi Lahren would say.”

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From Times of Israel:
A Palestinian woman was convicted on Sunday of assaulting an Israeli legislator during the Knesset member’s November 2014 visit to the Temple Mount.

The indictment from the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court said Sahar Natshe shouted “go away” and “Allahu Akbar” as she pushed Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Jewish Home), in an attempt to prevent the MK from entering the compound.
Here's the video, although it is unclear when exactly Moalem-Refaeili was pushed.

This is hardly a big story, but Palestinian media are upset over this ruling.

Not so much because of the conviction, but because the court apparently also noted that Judaism's holiest site is holy to Jews.

The "Quds Foundation for Human Rights" issued a statement condemning the court for daring to claim that the Temple Mount is holy to Jews. It said that the court ruling mentioned not only previous Israeli Supreme Court decisions but also referred to Maimonides (the Rambam.)

"The Court used the Jewish religious vocabulary to bestow the Jewish character on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and defined the limits of the sanctity of the place and according to the Jewish religion," the statement said.

The group warned of the use of Jewish legal texts to prove that something is holy to Jews is outside the bounds of the court's legal rights. It also claimed that declaring the Mount holy for Jews is a violation of the rights of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

This is of course ridiculous; quoting the Rambam is meant as objective proof of the holiness of the site, it is not being quoted as a legal precedent.

By their logic, there is no such thing as a Jewish holy place, because every single such place is claimed as a Muslim holy place (by sheer coincidence, of course.)

Another Arab newspaper claimed that the court also gave the right for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount unimpeded. I cannot find any corroboration to that.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
From Iran's AhlulBayt News Agency:
Secretary-General of International Conference in Support of Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Saturday that the issue of Palestine should be kept alive as the major issue of the Islamic world.

Supporting the Palestinian nation and countering aggression of the Zionist Israel will effectively contribute to the security of the entire region, added Amir-Abdollahian.
So what, specifically, does "supporting the Palestinian nation" mean?
 He made the remarks in a meeting here with the visiting wife of the Palestinian commander Martyr Qantar, a high-profile Lebanese ... killed by the Zionist regime's airstrike on a residential building in Jaramana near the Syrian capital in 2015.

Qantar’s wife, Zeinab Barjavi is in Tehran as one of the guests of the International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada which was held in the Iranian capital on Feb 21-22.

Martyr Qantar who spent three decades of his life in the Zionist regime’s prisons is considered a role model for patience, resistance and self-sacrifice,” Amir-Abdollahian said.
He is referring to Samir Kuntar, the monster who murdered Danny Haran while his 4-year old daughter Einat watched, and then killed her by bashing her head against a rock with the butt of his gun.

Kuntar, who was released in a swap for Israeli soldiers' bodies, then reportedly went on a spree of rapes in Lebanon that was hushed up by his grateful hosts for his role in the "resistance." His ex-wife told a TV reporter that he deserved to be killed.

And, of course, that peace-loving moderate Mahmoud Abbas, who is in Geneva today to discuss his peculiar ideas of human rights at the UN Human Rights Council, went out of his way to meet Kuntar as a hero. And Kuntar isn't the only child killer for whom Abbas has gone out of his way to meet and honor.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Two weeks ago, Hamas held elections in Gaza.

One of the people elected to a senior role was Dr .Suhail Hindi, who was head of UNRWA's Gaza teachers' union and has been known to be affiliated with Hamas for years. When UNRWA tried to fire him in 2011 after that little fact was publicized, the Gaza teachers all went on strike (he was the head of the union, remember) - and UNRWA caved, allowing Hindi to keep his job as a principal.

After being elected to a Hamas position this time, Hindu still wanted to keep his UNRWA principal's job. So, with an almost unbelievable amount of nerve, he vehemently denied that he was elected to anything, even though his name was published as one of the members of the winning slate.

When Israeli media, prompted by COGAT, started mentioning that Hindi was elected a Hamas leader while he was a UNRWA employee, Chris Gunness of UNRWA defended Hindi, saying he had no reason to disbelieve Hindi's denials - as if he forgot the 2011 incident altogether.
“Allegations have been circulating in conventional and social media networks about an UNRWA staff member being elected to political office in Gaza,” said UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness in a press statement on Gaza neutrality issue.

“As soon as the allegations came to UNRWA's attention, the Agency undertook a preliminary investigation, including discussing the allegations with the staff member. Based on the due diligence carried out by the Agency to date, UNRWA has neither uncovered nor received evidence to contradict the staff member's denial that he was elected to political office,” the statement read.

UNRWA reported Sohail Al-Hindi as rejecting the news about his name appearing amongst the winning list of the Hamas political bureau in Gaza, saying: "I have no relation whatsoever with the issue".
But now UNRWA has changed its tune, after more evidence came in, but claiming that they were ready to suspend Hindi all the while before Israeli authorities said anything.

A United Nations agency said on Sunday it was suspending a Gaza staffer accused of being politically active in the terror group Hamas, which rules the coastal strip.

UNRWA, the UN agency in charge of Palestinian refugees, said the decision had already been taken ahead of an Israeli call earlier Sunday to fire Suhail al-Hindi, head of the agency’s staff union.

“Before that communication, and in light of our ongoing independent internal investigation, we had been presented with substantial information from a number of sources, which led us to take the decision this afternoon to suspend Suhail al Hindi, pending the outcome of our investigation,” UNRWA spokeswoman Chris Gunness wrote.
Given the history of UNRWA with al-Hindi, don't bet that this suspension will last any longer than his last one.

Gunness is being exposed as a liar yet again in front of our very eyes.

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Yes, this was a real question on Quora last week:

The answers are, as you might imagine, very funny:

My guess would be that we are extremely popular, thus many advertisements like to hitchhike when the word Israel is mentioned. Your iPhone gets chocked up with the cookies.
Of course, to check my theory, you’d need to write something good about Israel and see if the consequences are the same. Would this reflect badly on your health?
If you send your iPhone to the Mossad for repair, they will fix this problem.

You may be aware that we just held our annual Meeting of the Elders of Zion. One of the issues we were grappling with was people criticizing us. One especially sleazy technology controller came up with a strategy to combat this.
Every time someone criticizes Israel or Jews, we will make their device slow down a bit. Eventually, they will either stop, or their phone will stop for them.
Of course this was with Donald Trump’s approval.

Maybe your phone is tired of you criticizing Israel online. Try to criticize Palestine and see if it goes faster, you never know.

It's because Apple is founded by the Illuminati and the Illuminati’s aim is to establish a Jewish world government so they slow down people’s iPhones so that these people don't mess with the Illuminati’s plan to establish a Jewish world government.
I hope you're now enlightened.

Wrapping the phone in tin foil will solve the problem. Use the same foil that you use to make your hats. 

(h/t Josh K)

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From Ian:

David Collier: You don’t want dialogue! Says the Palestinian to the SOAS PalSoc
The event passed successfully. I was surprised by the amount of students that engaged. Israeli chocolate was handed around, very few SOAS students refused. I think it highlights how minority opinion is allowed to rule over everyone, even in (especially in?) the most hostile of environments.
I did what I normally do, and wandered. Listening to the exchanges between Israelis, and some of those, who in a few short days, will be screaming about the ‘Apartheid state’. I had a few interesting exchanges, but not many. The SOAS Palestinian Society had set up an ‘opposition stall’, but they were ineffective. However, the message I want to deliver today is not about the successful event, but rather to tell a short story through one Palestinian SOAS student I met there.
Hope not Hate
As I was considering that the majority of feedback I was hearing was positive, I came across two of the Israeli girls talking to someone who identified as a Palestinian SOAS student. I listened intently for about 10 minutes. Question, answer; another question another answer. But this was a two way street and the Israelis were interested in asking questions too. It proved to be an opportunity for real dialogue between two groups of people, who are normally unable to engage properly. Exactly what we should be used to seeing on campus. After a while, I said to the Palestinian student that I wished there were more like him, and went away.
Shortly after this, he left the crowd where the Israelis stood. I saw him begin to make his way back into the SOAS building. A couple of girls from the SOAS Palestinian Society stall were clearly unhappy that a SOAS student, and a Palestinian one, had spoken to the ‘enemy’. So they approached him to bring him into line.
This is the exchange:
Palestinian to SOAS PalSoc 'this is what's wrong, you don't want dialogue""

Report: Trump may pull US out of UN Human Rights Council due to Israel bias
The Trump administration may soon back Israel on its claim of UN bias and pull out of the organization's Human Rights Council, Politico reported on Saturday.
According to the report, the administration is not expected to withdraw ahead of the council’s next session that begins on Monday, but discussion of the option has already begun and is expected to include input from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and President Donald Trump.
The administration regards the Council as being inherently anti-Israel which is the main reason for the consideration for pulling out of the international body, according to the report.
The news site also reported that in private conversations, Secretary Tillerson has expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the Council.
State Department spokesman Mark Toner did not confirm whether the issue was being considered and would only say that "our delegation will be fully involved in the work of the HRC session which starts Monday." (h/t Yenta Press)
UN Watch: U.S. Needs to Stay in the U.N. Human Rights Council—To Fight Back
There’s a reason that France, Russia, China and every other world power invests time, money and political capital to campaign for a seat at the U.N. Human Rights Council: to gain influence in a consequential world body.
Like it or not, the UNHRC’s decisions, translated into every language, influence the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people around the globe.
If the U.S. wants to be a winner, it would be foolish to abandon the coveted 3-year term that it just won a few months ago. When the U.S. left from 2006 to 2009, nothing got better; the UNHRC only got worse, and it began sending its anti-Israel reports to the International Criminal Court.
Here’s what UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said before the U.S. Congress in testimony earlier this month:
Why the U.S. Needs to Stay in the U.N. Human Rights Council - Neuer in Congress

The United Nations’ Forgotten Role in the 1967 Six Day War
Many remember the euphoria that followed Israel’s total victory in the Six Day War of June 5, 1967. Surprisingly, very few recall the United Nations was one of the primary causes of that war.
On May 17, 1967 “[t]he Egyptian chief of staff, Gen. Mohamed Fawzy, called today for the immediate withdrawal of United Nations peace-keeping force” from the Gaza (NYTimes). On May 18, 1967, U.N. Secretary General U Thant announced he “decided to withdraw the United Nations Emergency Force from the armistice line between Israel and the United Arab Republic [Egypt]” (NYTimes). “Through the Secretariat, he announced only that he had been asked to remove the force, which has served since November, 1956, as a buffer between Israeli and Egyptian forces in the Gaza Strip and on the armistice line that runs from there across the Sinai Peninsula” (ibid).
That said “it had gone to the Middle East with Cairo’s consent and that ‘as a peace-keeping force it could not remain if that consent were withdrawn or if the conditions under which it operated were so qualified that the force was unable to function effectively'” (ibid). Paradoxically on May 27, 1967, “Thant asked the Security Council today to remind Israel and her Arab neighbors that under an existing resolution the Council could use a blockade or other measures to suppress any violation of their 1949 armistice” (NYTimes). On June 5, 1967, Thant gave another reason for the withdrawal: “From a practical point of view, he said, to have delayed would have endangered the lives of members of the international force, supplied by Brazil, Canada, Denmark, India, Norway, Sweden and Yugoslavia” (NYTimes).
PLO envoy says he hopes Iran will produce 1,000 nukes
The Palestine Liberation Organization’s envoy to Tehran said he hopes Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs, adding that Israel is “truly terrified” of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.
Although he did not explicitly call for Iran to use a nuclear bomb against Israel, Salah al-Zawawi told the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese television station Al-Manar in an interview on February 20 that “if Iran produces a nuclear bomb — and I pray to Allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs,” he hopes “it will be used to defend, at the very least, the Islamic Republic and its principles,” according to a translation by watchdog group MEMRI.
Iran has denied seeking to produce nuclear weapons and signed a 2015 agreement with world powers that puts in place limitations on its nuclear program. At the same time, the Islamic Republic has continued to develop missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and a number of senior Iranian officials have called repeatedly for Israel’s “annihilation,” including its supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
During the interview, Zawawi also said Israel is part of a “Western enterprise” whose “goal is to establish the Greater Israel, which would control disintegrated Arab and Islamic countries.”
“This way, our enemy, along with its defenders and masters, would complete their plan to turn us into servants, if not slaves, in this region, and to plunder our resources,” he said, adding that “this is happening today in our Islamic world.”
In a 2014 interview, Zawawi called for Iran to support the Palestinians in order to help bring about “Israel’s annihilation,” maintaining Israel is a “fake regime” created by the “US and Western countries.”
Israeli minister: Trump opening new peace path with Israel-Sunni efforts
The Trump administration is working to strengthen ties between Israel and moderate Sunni states in the region for the purpose of advancing the prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, said Intelligence Minister Israel Katz (Likud).
In an interview with the Washington Post published Sunday, Katz acknowledged that Israel has relations with certain unnamed Sunni Arab countries that have no official peace deal or diplomatic ties with Jerusalem.
The minister indicated that due to the relative weakness of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and recent changes within the Hamas leadership, a direct approach has become increasingly difficult.
Therefore, he said he has been pushing his vision for achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians which involved a multilayered regional approach with coordination between moderate Arab states along with moderate Palestinians.
Katz explained that one aspect of bolstering the Israeli-Sunni alliance consisted of uniting in the fight against extremist groups wreaking havoc in the region, such as Islamic State and al-Qaida along with the Shi'ite axis of Iran and Hezbollah.
The new White House administration's shift on the Middle East conflict has provided Israel with mechanisms and backing in order to strengthen security cooperation with Sunni states, Katz told the Washington Post.
Netanyahu meets with Aussie FM against imposing PA state on Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled to hold a meeting Sunday morning with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who last week said there would be no peace if a Palestinian state was unilaterally foisted on Israel, before boarding his plane for a more than 20-hour return flight to Israel.
Bishop’s comments about a Palestinian state came during her visit to Washington as two former Australian prime ministers from the opposition Labor Party called on Australia to recognize a Palestinian state.
The meeting with Netanyahu comes shortly after she returned from a trip that took her to Great Britain and Ireland, in addition to meetings with US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Playing down the now notorious first phone call between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Bishop said the relations between the two countries were as close as ever.
Netanyahu met Friday with opposition leader Bill Shorten, whose party – as a result of Netanyahu’s visit – is publicly debating what its policy should be on Israel; while some Labor luminaries, such as former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Bob Hawke, are pushing a more pro-Palestinian policy, others on the party’s right flank, such as MPs Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus, are pushing back.
The issue is expected to be debated at next year’s party conference.
Senior official: Australia will press ICC to avoid attacks against Israel
Australia is willing to be an “important player” in keeping pressure on the International Criminal Court so it is not used as a vehicle to attack Israel, a senior diplomatic official said Sunday, shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
Bishop, according to the official, committed Australia to continue defending Israel in hostile international forums, as it has done until now.
The official said Netanyahu was trying to put together a group of nations that – in addition to the US under President Donald Trump – would both take a more aggressive tone against Iran, and also block efforts to castigate Israel in various international forums.
Netanyahu met Bishop shortly before leaving Australia after a five day visit. In that meeting, he raised the idea of “Gaza First” to illustrate how unrealistic it was at this time to talk about a Palestinian state.
Netanyahu: We will never relinquish security control of West Bank
Israel will never relinquish security control of the entirety of the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Sunday.
Netanyahu was answering Bishop, who had asked him what he meant when he spoke of supporting a “Palestinian state,” according to a report by Israel Radio about the meeting between the two.
According to a source close to the prime minister, Netanyahu told Bishop that Israel’s insistence on security control stemmed from the failures of international forces to protect the country from past acts of aggression by its neighbors.
The source spoke during a briefing Sunday for Israeli reporters accompanying Netanyahu on a state visit to Australia, the first for a serving Israeli prime minister.
The visit was “wonderful,” Netanyahu said Sunday just before he boarded the plane for the long flight back to Israel.
French MPs demand: Recognize Palestinian statehood now
At least 154 French parliament members have signed on to a letter directed at French President Francois Hollande, calling on him to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign state.
Hollande, who declined to run for reelection after his approval rating sank to just 4% in November, will leave office after presidential elections in April (first round) and May (runoff).
But pro-Palestinian Authority lawmakers are hoping to prod the Socialist Party incumbent to take one final, dramatic act on the Israeli-Arab conflict before leaving office.
"France must demonstrate its determination to break the deadlock on the conflict by solemnly reaffirming, in the name of the inalienable right of self-determination, that the Palestinian people are entitled to a State,” the joint letter to Hollande reads.
"Mr. President, show yourself up to the challenge and do not miss this rendezvous with history, recognizing the State of Palestine now.”
The letter comes a year after the Hollande government’s failed push for a Middle East peace summit in Paris, which was hoped to reach a framework for a final status agreement and include representatives from both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
6 members of Congress, 4 MKs, 1 Palestinian negotiator, no top Republicans at J Street confab
J Street’s national conference, which formally gets under way on Sunday after an opening function Saturday night, will host a slew of prominent liberal Democrats, numerous members of Congress, a handful of Knesset members and no Republican speakers.
The speaking lineup for the liberal Jewish lobby group’s sixth confab — which runs from February 26-28 at the Washington Convention Center — includes three senators and three House members; four Knesset members and one Palestinian Authority official; one former US secretary of state and one former US negotiator on Israeli-Palestinian peace; many Democrats but no members of the Trump administration.
Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were invited but did not respond. (Secretary of state John Kerry and vice president Joe Biden spoke at last year’s conference.)
One of the most notable figures attending is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats and who ran an insurgent campaign for the party’s nomination in 2016. Many pundits consider him to be the current leader of the US progressive movement.
Tom Perez elected to chair DNC, names defeated Keith Ellison as his deputy
Former labor secretary Tom Perez was elected as the Democratic National Committee’s new chairman Saturday, narrowly defeating his chief rival, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, after a contentious campaign. Perez immediately named Ellison his deputy.
The four-month race drew controversy over the Minnesota legislator’s past record of associations with known anti-Semitic figures and critical stances on Israel. His alliance with much of the progressive wing of the party threatened to divide the Democrats as they seek to revitalize themselves after tough losses in the 2016 election.
In his first act as DNC leader, Perez appointed Ellison his deputy chair, a move that sought to unify the party and prevent — or, at the least, alleviate — continued infighting. “I look forward to helping the Democratic Party in any way that I can,” Ellison said in a statement.
Perez, the first Latino to hold the post, edged Ellison on the second round of voting by Democratic National Committee members gathered in Atlanta.
Palestinian convicted of assaulting MK during Temple Mount visit
A Palestinian woman was convicted on Sunday of assaulting an Israeli legislator during the Knesset member’s November 2014 visit to the Temple Mount.
The indictment from the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court said Sahar Natshe shouted “go away” and “Allahu Akbar” as she pushed Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Jewish Home), in an attempt to prevent the MK from entering the compound.
Footage from the incident does not show Natshe making contact with Moalem-Refaeli, but the Palestinian woman can be heard screaming, along with a number of other women, at the Israeli legislator who continues walking across the compound, unfazed.
Jihadist: Hamas Confiscates Hundreds Of Rockets From Gaza Salafists
Hamas has raided weapons caches of Islamic State-affiliated groups in the Gaza Strip in the wake of several rockets fired from Sinai into Israel, a top jihadi militant affiliated with IS ideology told Breitbart Jerusalem.
Abu Bakr Almaqdesi said that about 250 rockets and dozens of rifles have been confiscated, in addition to the arrest of their supposed owners.
The arsenal ranged between smaller rockets, with a range of 5-7 kilometers, to Grad rockets that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv, he claimed.
In addition, more than 60 AK-47 rifles were confiscated, the jihadist said. “But the so-called Muslims didn’t make do with depriving the mujahedeen of their arms,” he said, referring to Hamas, “they confiscated their personal computers, mobile phones and motorcycles as well. They even took Islamic State flags.”
He said Hamas insists on keeping hundreds of jihadists in detention. “Only 17 have been released under severe restrictions, and for a $1000 bail each – more than most of our brothers in Gaza can afford.”
IsraellyCool: WATCH: Restaurants In “Concentration Camp” Gaza
MEMRI TV has translated a recently-broadcast BBC Arabia TV report on restaurants in Gaza.
It needs to be seen to be believed. Highlights include:
  • The food. Man, it looks delicious
  • A man in a Dubai hat claiming the people of Gaza love life (I assume he is referring to the x% that don’t support or actively send their children or themselves into Israel to blow themselves up or otherwise commit a terror attack expecting to be killed)
  • “Dubai” continuing to explain the scenes we are seeing are “a way to escape the bitter reality of the people of Gaza” (you can’t make this stuff up)
  • The woman who clearly had a lot of plastic surgery
  • 100 shekels for 3 coffees or $250-$300 for 3 dinners (way more than most Israelis would spend)

Dershowitz calls on banks to close accounts that boycott Israel
Financial institutions in the US and Spain are under fire for providing accounts to the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, which promotes a boycott of Israel and defends Iran’s nuclear program.
Renowned Harvard University jurist Alan Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post on Friday: “The organization [IADL] was founded as a communist front and supported financially by the Soviet Union. It is anti-democratic to its core and supportive of terrorism and repression. No decent person or institution should be associated with or supportive of its anti-democratic agenda and actions.”
IADL states on a pro-Palestinian website that it “supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement to boycott Israeli products as well as businesses which support the Occupation, and to sanction Israel for its crimes.”
IADL’s own website solicits donations and lists accounts with Comerica Bank in Michigan and the Spanish bank Caixa d’Est Alvis (Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona). The latter bank has been renamed La Caixa.
Wayne Mielke, a spokesman at Comerica’s headquarters in Dallas, told the Post, “Comerica Bank as with all other financial institutions in the United States is legally and duty bound to protect the privacy of its clients. Accordingly, we don’t discuss customer relationships with third parties.” He added, “Please know that we have a robust compliance program at the bank to ensure that the customers who bank with us are legally entitled to have a bank account.”
Montana House backs effort to boycott anti-Israel firms
Spurred in part by a spate of controversies over anti-Semitism in one of the state’s towns, Montana lawmakers advanced a bill Saturday that pledges solidarity with Israel by refusing to do business with firms boycotting the Middle Eastern country.
Republican House Speaker Austin Knudsen of Culbertson said his bill allows Montana to stand in solidarity with Israel. His bill “sends the message that we will not send our taxpayer dollars to companies which chose to participate in the boycotting and sanctioning of one of our nation’s strongest allies,” Knudson said.
The bill would direct the Montana Board of Investments to sever ties with companies supporting a pro-Palestinian movement to boycott Israel. It would also bar public agencies — including counties, cities and towns — from doing businesses with companies that don’t agree to certify in writing that they are not engaged in a boycott of Israel.
Opponents said the bill is well-intentioned but a potential infringement on free speech. Some argued Montana should stay out of global politics.
Nevertheless, the House endorsed the measure 59-41 on preliminary vote. In doing so, Montana is seeking to join other states that have passed similar bills.
Members of U of Georgia Students for Justice in Palestine Removed From Talk by IDF Soldiers for Disruption, Dropping Photos of Dead Children at Speakers' Feet
Activists at the University of Georgia (UGA) were forcibly removed from a lecture hall where they were disrupting a talk by two Israeli soldiers, footage of the event obtained by The Algemeiner revealed.
Some 20 members of the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) were escorted out of the room by armed guards for causing the commotion, which began mere minutes into the event, when one protester yelled, “In 2014, Israel killed more than 500 Palestinian children. The occupation is terrorism.” At this point, he and others – some wearing keffiyehs — dropped photos of dead children at the speakers’ feet.
Neta Kanny — senior adviser of Dawgs for Israel and a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow, who helped organize the hosting of the soldiers, described the atmosphere in the room during the protests as “tense, yet calm.”
“Many of the students in the crowd have attended this event in the past, which has been previously protested, and were expecting some level of disruption,” she told The Algemeiner. “So this year, I ensured we would have security in the room.”
“Our reserve and respect attested to our unity as pro-Israel students at UGA, and that even under such circumstances, we welcome everyone to attend such events in hopes of engaging in discussion,” she said.
Meet the terrorist behind the next women’s march
Here’s the left’s next great idea for bringing down President Trump: another women’s march. Which means another public instance of Trump haters shouting slogans to one another and mistaking it for constructive politics. What progressives need to defeat Trump is outreach, but all they have is outrage.
On March 8, organizers seem to be aiming for a different vibe than the librarians-in-pussy-hats element that made the first women’s march after Trump’s inauguration so adorable.
Instead of milling around Washington, organizers have in mind a “general strike” called the Day without a Woman. In a manifesto published in The Guardian on Feb. 6, the brains behind the movement are calling for a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.” That’s right: militant, not peaceful.
The document was co-authored by, among others, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a convicted terrorist. Odeh, a Palestinian, was convicted in Israel in 1970 for her part in two terrorist bombings, one of which killed two students while they were shopping for groceries. She spent 10 years in prison for her crimes. She then managed to become a US citizen in 2004 by lying about her past (great detective work, INS: Next time, use Google) but was subsequently convicted, in 2014, of immigration fraud for the falsehoods. However, she won the right to a new trial (set for this spring) by claiming she had been suffering from PTSD at the time she lied on her application. Oh, and in her time as a citizen, she worked for a while as an ObamaCare navigator.
Texas Pre-School Teacher Fired Over ‘Kill Some Jews’ Social Media Post Apologizes for Pain Caused, Particularly to Jews
A pre-school teacher fired this week for encouraging followers to “kill some Jews” on social media prior to her employment expressed great remorse on Thursday.
Nancy Salem told the local Arlington news station CBS11 that she made her “racist and antisemitic” comments when she was a teenager [in 2013 at College], and “are not a reflection of the beliefs I hold today.”
“These statements were made at a time when I was not strong in my faith; nor do they reflect the family values of inclusivity and respect for all faiths that my parents have worked very hard to instill in us,” she said.
The young “often get involved with individuals that influence their behaviors and not always for the better, and I deeply regret having been influenced in such a way,” Salem said, adding that it “does not excuse my actions and I am truly sorry for the pain and hurt my words caused, especially to members of the Jewish faith.”
Citing her Muslim-American and Palestinian heritage, Salem said, “I am all too accustomed to being bullied and the target of hate speech, so the fact that I made such statements is even more offensive, because I should have known and acted with more compassion.” [translation I got caught being a bigot but I'm still going to claim I'm a victim]
Students urge Ryerson administration to fire a teaching assistant over anti-Jewish statements
Dozens of flyers calling on Ryerson University to fire teaching assistant Ayman Elkasrawy were plastered around campus on Friday (February 24, 2017) before they were taken down by campus security.
In 2016, Elkasrawy, who also serves as an imam at Masjid Toronto mosque which is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada, led a Ramadan service at the mosque during which he prayed to Allah to give Muslims victory over the infidels, to slay the enemies of Islam “one by one and spare not one of them”, and to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews”.
The flyers, which were signed by a group calling itself Ryerson Against Racism, urged Ryerson administration to fire Elkasrawy for making “extremely hateful statements about Jews”.
Following the CIJnews exposé on Masjid Toronto, B’nai Brith Canada – a leading Jewish human rights advocacy organization – contacted Ryerson to demand that swift action be taken against Elkasrawy for anti-Jewish comments he made at the mosque. “There is no place for someone who describes Jews as “filth” as a teaching assistant at a Canadian university, especially when this anti-Semitism is disguised as a pious religious expression”, B’nai Brith’s campus coordinator wrote in a statement.
IsraellyCool: Coldplay Pours Cold Water On Israel Concert Talk, But No Victory For BDS
The veil of secrecy around British band Coldplay and the prospect of them performing in Israel continues, with lead singer Chris Martin denying they are in Israel finalizing concert venues.
Even though some BDS-holes are taking this as some kind of victory, it isn’t.
  • Coldplay clearly recognized Israel in their tweet
  • While in Israel, they are presumably purchasing Israeli goods and services. Not a boycott.
  • In Israel to “listen and learn” is a good thing, and not something BDS-holes generally support, since there is a correlation between depth of knowledge about the conflict and tendency to support Israel
Guardian erases Israeli citizenship from “Palestinian” Arab Idol contestant
A Guardian/Reuters report (Palestinians in raptures as as Yaqoub Shaheen wins Arab Idol TV contest, Feb. 26th) focuses on a Palestinian from Bethlehem who won this year’s Arab Idol.
Palestinians have taken to the street to celebrate the victory of their compatriot Yaqoub Shaheen in the hugely popular Middle East television talent show Arab Idol.
This year’s final, filmed in Lebanon, was between a Yemeni, Ammar Mohammed, and two Palestinian competitors, Shaheen from Bethlehem and Ameer Dandan.

Here’s the problem: contrary to the Guardian’s suggestion, runner-up Ameer Dandan is actually an Israeli born resident of the US. He’s from Majd al-Krum in the Upper Galilee and is currently a university student in New Jersey.
Belgian official defends Arab who calls to 'slaughter Jews'
Jews from Belgium’s Flemish Region said they “lost all confidence” in the country’s anti-racism authority over its lawyer’s defense of a Palestinian-Arab man whom the lawyer helped convict for hate speech over calls to slaughter Jews.
The unusual rebuke Thursday by the Forum of Jewish Organization of Flanders came after the Jewish weekly Joods Actueel published a leaked email written by Johan Otte, a judicial expert of the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities, or UNIA, condemning Tuesday's conviction for incitement to violence by a criminal tribunal in Antwerp. In 2014, the man shouted anti-Semitic slogans during a protest rally in that city.
The Belgian Palestinian, according to the media in Belgium, was given a six-month suspended sentence. Two co-defendants were acquitted.
Otte’s rebuke called the sentence “distorted justice instead of true justice,” even though UNIA was one of two complainants who had initiated the trial. The other party was the Flemish Jewish forum.
“The email clearly illustrates that UNIA’s sympathy lies with the perpetrator over his would-be victims,” the Jewish group wrote in its statement.
Yad Vashem asks Amazon to pull Holocaust denial books
Israel’s official Holocaust memorial has asked Amazon to stop selling literature on its site that denies the genocide of 6 million Jews during World War II and otherwise promotes anti-Semitism.
Yad Vashem’s director of libraries Robert Rozett said he has dispatched a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offering his assistance to “curb the spread of hatred.”
Rozett said Sunday that Yad Vashem has approached Amazon before on the subject but the internet retailing giant insisted it would not halt sales of offensive and inciting material, citing freedom of information. Rozett says he hoped that given the recent spike in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States, particularly a vandalism attack on a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis, Amazon would reconsider its position.
He said he has yet to hear back.
Red swastika-engraved telephone 'used by Hitler to order the death of millions of Jews' is exposed as a FAKE just one week after it was sold for £195,000 at auction
A telephone which allegedly was used by Adolf Hitler - sold at auction last week for £195,000 (£243,000) - has been declared a 'definite fake' by an expert.
The bright-red swastika-engraved telephone, upon which the Fuehrer allegedly issued some of his most terrible orders sealing the fate of millions, is bogus, according to Frank Gnegel, head of collections at the Frankfurt Museum of Communications.
He highlights 'oddities' in the phone's construction and quality.
'The actual telephone was manufactured by Siemens & Halske, but the handset comes from an English telephone,' he noted. 'Such phones were never produced this way. It must have been assembled later in England.'
Air Force Buys Mysterious Israeli Weapon to Kill ISIS Drones
What is this secret weapon? Pentagon officials aren’t saying, but here are some clues.
The U.S. Air Force awarded a mysterious contract to an Israeli firm for equipment to counter small drones like the ones used by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.
But service officials will not disclose the type of system and whether it uses electronic jamming, conventional missiles, a combination of both, or some other method to down enemy drones.
Here’s what we know: The Air Force awarded ELTA North America Inc. — a U.S. subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries — a $15.6 million contract for “counter-unmanned aerial systems.” The contract announcement specifically references “21 Man Portable Aerial Defense System kits,” which will be delivered by July 28.
Aid group sends solar light to Yazidi refugees in Iraq
Israel-based international humanitarian aid group, iAID, has announced that it will be providing solar panels to a Yazidi refugee camp in northern Iraq to help 330 families access electricity.
“Persecuted Yazidi families living in horrible conditions in remote regions on the mountains of northern Iraq will receive [solar panels] which will be used to help provide lights in over 330 family tents and in bathroom and shower structures so to prevent gender-based violence,” Shachar Zahavi, founder of iAID, said in a statement.
The solar electricity will also help charge mobile phones and other appliances.
Zahavi said iAID’s mission is to “connect innovative solutions, technology and humanitarian aid to communities in need worldwide.”
First Palestinian undergoes unique Israeli treatment for severe tremor
A 60-year-old Palestinian from Bethlehem who suffered from severe essential tremor (ET) has been discharged from Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center after undergoing a highly unusual brain ablation, rather than major brain surgery. He is now able to return to work at his restaurant.
A few years ago, Rambam was the first hospital in Israel and one of the first in the world to perform the painless procedure; now the hospital has performed the procedure on a Palestinian for the first time. It involves using an MRI-guided ultrasound, developed by the Insightec company at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The technique was introduced in the US only last year, but dozens of the procedures have already been carried out at Rambam, which was a beta site for Insightec’s technology.
The technique, which uses heat ablation on deep-seated brain tissue through an intact skull, was made possible with Israeli technology originally developed to remove myomas, benign fibroid growths in the uterus, but was later applied abroad to ET, which manifests due to a malfunction in the brain. The therapy was made possible by the integration of MRI guidance and the heating of the tissue using focused ultrasound.
Israeli hospital restores face of boy mauled by hyena in Ethiopia
Doctors at Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya have successfully treated a seven- year-old boy from Ethiopia whose head and face were severely mauled by a wild spotted hyena.
Brought to Israel and treated here for humanitarian reasons, he has recovered and his functional and cosmetic outcome is “acceptable,” the doctors stated.
The unusual case was presented in the latest issue of Israel Medical Association Journal by doctors Ido Lavee, Rojjer Najjar, Patrick Ben-Meir, Eyal Sela, Yanir Kassif and Omri Emodi.
The boy’s head was unrecognizable when he arrived in the hospital, where he was treated in the plastic surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and maxillofacial departments. He had barely survived the attack.
“His face was severely mutilated, and he was hospitalized at the Addis Ababa Medial Center for several months. As a unique humanitarian act, this child was transferred to the plastic surgery department at Galilee Medical Center, with the aid of the Israeli Embassy, a Jewish organization in the US, a local Ethiopian church and an Ethiopian Muslim organization.”

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